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Asked and Answered

Our professionals at The Law Office of Mark W. Watson, P.S. in Tacoma, WA do our best to help you understand your legal options and fees.


Q: What is the cost to retain an attorney?

A: In almost every single case that our law firm handles, there is no upfront cost to retain us. We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis, which generally means that we do not get paid any fees unless and until we successfully recover money on your behalf against the opposing insurance company or at-fault party.

Q: When should I hire a personal injury attorney?

A: The best time to hire an attorney is as soon as possible. By getting our law firm involved early on, we can immediately start dealing with the insurance company or opposing party and take the stress off of you from having to deal with the insurance adjusters or other persons alone.

This way, you can be assured that we are protecting your interests from the beginning. And you can also focus on healing from your injuries, getting back to work and dealing with the difficult family situations that sometimes present themselves when you are injured. Finally, our fees remain the same whether you hire us early in the process or late. So, you might as well get us involved early and allow our office to earn our keep!

Q: Why do I need to hire an attorney for my claim?

A: As a former insurance adjuster for one of the largest casualty insurers in the US, Mr. Watson is very familiar with the ins and outs of how insurance adjusters handle personal injury claims. Additionally, our office has successfully represented many people who have been injured due to the carelessness or negligence of other people and insurance companies. Putting our experience to work for you will help assure that you will be treated fairly and compensated fairly by an insurance company that is usually large, well-funded, well-trained and entirely too eager to take advantage of accident victims in their times of need.

Handling your own legal matters, whether it be a personal injury claim, an employment claim, a probate, a bankruptcy, a criminal case or the like can be an intimidating and overwhelming process if you do not have the education and training in that particular legal field. Our office has that and will put it to use in order to protect your best interests.

Q: The person who caused the accident does not have insurance. Can I still make a claim?

A: Even if the opposing side does not have insurance, you can make a claim. For example, the other party may be self-insured or may be a company with plenty of resources to resolve your claim. Or you may have uninsured motorist coverage to pay claims caused by a driver who has no insurance. We will analyze all potential avenues of recovery, even if it initially appears that there may be no insurance available.

Q: I am injured and cannot get to your office. Will you come to my home or the hospital?

A: Mr. Watson often travels to meet with clients at home or in the hospital. He has even met them at work or in a coffee shop or restaurant! Please do not hesitate to ask for that service when you contact us.

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